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The Business:
Airline Schedules, Flight Status, Worldwide Routes, Aircraft info, Airline Consulting, Aviation Publications

von Moltke CEO of OAG


von Moltke Consulting Managing Director Meclabs Institute


Managing Director


The Business:

Marketing Science

 Customer Journey

 Conversion Optimization

The Business:
Airline and Hotel Technology

Airline Distribution

Travel Distribution



von Moltke Orbitz


Asia Pacific

The Business:
Airline Participation 

GDS Agreements

Technology partnenships

von Moltke was SVP Sabre

SVP Sales & Marketing

The Business:
Airline Technology

Travel Technology


Aviation Logistics

Aviation Optimization

von Moltke was President LH Systems

President Americas

The Business:

Airline Passenger Service Systems

Airline participation agreements

Travel partner contracts

Peter von Moltke was SVP AADT

The Business:

AA Decision Technologies:  Airline Technology Solutions and Consulting Services

VP Sales & Marketing

Industry Positions held by the Founder,

Peter von Moltke

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