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Engagement Process

We leverage our own structured remote engagement process. 

This includes structured initial interviews and transparent progress reporting.

Seamless, non-invasive communications designed to suit the engagement.

Project Role

Willing to be slotted into a specific role as part of a larger project – we don’t have a need to be “in charge”

We can project manage, or perform in a service capacity according to client requirements.


Don't be surprised if we deliver more than we were contracted for.   Through deep research we often unearth unexpected rich opportunities .

What Makes Us Different?

Our Approach

Hands on, nuts and bolts practical approach.  No time or money wasted with "filler activities".

No “Big Consulting” firm approach of developing massive, useless PowerPoint decks of industry research that add little or no value to solid business decisions

Industry Knowledge

We actually understand how the industry works and what the strengths and weaknesses of the key players are.

We network with industry leaders to develop the most practical and optimal advice.

Consulting Rates

We charge only affordable, practical rates, a fraction of what the “Big Consulting” firms charge

Nuts & Bolts Engagements

What do you really need?

What is that you want to accomplish with this?

What do you do today?

What do others do today?

What are others working on?

What options are available?

What are the pros and cons of each of the options?

What are the different ways your solution can be deployed?

What are the timeframes?

What are the financials?

What resources are required?

What are the risks associated with doing it and not doing it?

Deliverables:  Typically, a detailed Word document, and a brief high level PowerPoint for Executives

Nuts & Bolts Audits & Assessments

Distribution Health Audits (DHAs):

What are your costs?

What content do you provide your customers?

How does this compare to your competitors?

Where is the low hanging fruit

Customer Experience Audits (CXAs) and Customer Journey Assessments (CJAs):

What are your target Personas?

For each Persona: How strong and clear is your Value Proposition messaging incorporated into your website and your communications?

Where are the points of Friction in the Customer Journey that should be addressed?

Where will Persona Anxiety impact the Customer Journey, and how could these be addressed?

Are the appropriate Incentives in place to motivate each of the target Personas to make a purchase?

Deliverables:  Typically, a detailed Word document, and a brief high level PowerPoint for Executives

Solid Advice Delivered

Let us know what you need.   Satisfaction guaranteed.

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