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VonMoltke Consulting Services Travel Hospitality

Distribution & Tech Consulting Engagements

  • Will you help me develop an NDC implementation strategy?

  • Can you assist with the selection of GDS's, Tech Providers, and Content Aggregators?

  • Will you assist with Distribution contract negotiations?

  • Can you help me develop an RFP and manage the selection process?

  • Can you help me with Tech provider contract negotiations?

  • What competitive edge can I gain through the deployment of AI in my business?

von Moltke Aviation Airlines

Distribution Strategy Development for Travel Sellers

  • What NDC and Non-NDC/LCC content do I need?

  • Which content aggregators (both GDS and non-GDS) should I work with?

  • What Tech solutions will I need to deploy?

  • What process changes will I need to implement (back-office and post-sales)?

  • What will my ROI be for this project?

Packaged Distribution Health Audits (DHAs)

  • Overall audit of distribution health (cost, quality and competitiveness of content) with recommendations for opportunities, especially focused on low-hanging fruit

VonMoltke Consulting Travel Distribution

Packaged Customer Journey Assessments  (CJAs) and Experience Audits (CXAs)

Our packaged, fixed-priced  CJAs clearly identify specific opportunities on travel websites to:

  1. Amplify positive forces:  Value Proposition & Incentive

  2. Remove or mitigate negative forces: Friction & Anxiety

  3. Rigorous website and omnichannel customer experience analysis

Travel Suppliers

Airlines, Hotels/Lodging, Destinations, Tour Operators, Cruise Lines, Rental Cars, Activities

Travel Sellers

Travel Agents, OTAs, TMCs / Corporate, Tour Operators, Consolidators, Retail/Leisure, Specialty Travel Sellers

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